Defining moment!

Those last few weeks were what I can define as a Defining moment. I got a Christmas gift from my client which was not what I was expecting. My client which is also my main source of income as a consultant decided to have a blackout and to give us an unpaid 2 weeks vacations for all consultants. And this unannounced gift came a bit more than one month’s notice, so it was not really expected.

At the beginning I was not very happy as I already took weeks of vacations earlier in the year and I was not planning to have more this year. Then a series of events happened and I realized that it was meant to be that way. A few signs along the way showed me that it was the best thing that could have happened to me.

So I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and spend that time working on myself, meditate, learn from the masters and take advantage of that time to become a better man, in my relationships, in my business and on all levels of my life.

I have been working a little while developing my online business and I have had limited success so far. I had a few 4 digits income days and some regular monthly revenue, but not something I can say I can really live off. I have some great tools and did not use them at their full potential. My level of commitment was not really allowing me to really take off.

Now here I am and watching a video I had seen previously, watch it on YouTube here . It is The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale, one of Bob Proctor’s mentor. What I decided to do is applying the 30 day challenge referred to at the end of the video. The challenge is starts at minute 19:00. I encourage you to watch this video many times, it can transform your life.

This dramatically changed my point of view about my situation. I have been for too long accepted a good enough enough life acting like a robot and on autopilot with existing habits without really take a step back and really admitting the truth to myself, looking where I am at and defining where I want to go.

Now this happened in the last few weeks I and I decided to take my live to a whole new level and good enough is not quite good enough. I want to live a great life and reach new levels of success.

I decided I would accomplish in the next year everything it takes to accomplish my goal, which is live off my online income generated by my online business. And I won’t let anyone dictate my income. I have all the tools to be in control and live on my own terms, generate the level of income I desire to reach.

I encourage you to follow my journey throughout 2019 and participate, follow and learn with along the way. Life should be an exiting adventure and that’s how I plan to live mine in 2019.

To Your Success and mine ;).

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