Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge

The Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge is very exciting.  I got to think and design my dream life

I got to evaluate my monthly cost to live my dream life.  It is $7500.00/ month

– Why you have started building an online business

I started to build online income to be able to travel and work from anywhere.  I also want to design my own income removing limitations from a job or offering my own services.
– What you want out of your business

Provide enough income to pay for my monthly expenses and give me the freedom of time and location.

– What is your dream life

Work from anywhere and earn enough income to support my expense and my family.  New Zeland, Costa Rica and Canada would the places I would work from depending of the seasons

– What is your monthly income goal to make it happen

My Monthly income goal is $9000.00 or more so I can continue to build my savings while I live my dream life.

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